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Modular 4

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Consisting of seven modules, the 1500 square foot home is located mere blocks away from the KU medical center, providing tremendous exposure to our work.  Featuring a remarkably flexible floor plan anchored by a core of service space that defines the interior, the seven modules are offset in the middle to separate public and private, creating a bold four-foot cantilever on either side of the house. 
In contrast to its contemporary appearance, Modular 4’s design responded carefully to its site, addressing important concerns about materiality and energy efficiency.  The north facade was kept tight to protect from cold winter winds while the south façade was opened up with broad glass to flood the living space with natural light and take full advantage of the sun’s heat in the winter.  The cellulose insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling was made from recycled materials and offers superior thermal and moisture protection. The home also features many other sustainable materials which include: bamboo flooring, recycled countertops, adjustable thermal window protection, a porous driveway, FSC approved Brazilian hardwood and recycled aluminum siding, ventilating skylights, and a white “cool” roof.


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